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The Collective Subcircuits - Understanding Human Design

Channel 15/5: Rhythm

The 15/5 is the only channel that is contained within all life forms. It is the energy of the rhythm of nature itself. If you think about the natural world, it has rhythm built into it. It is ruled by rhythm. The sun comes up every day and sets every evening. Plants grow by season. Animals have their daily routine. This is the energy of life patterns such as seasons, weather, reproduction, and genetics. People with the 15/5 need rhythm to feel secure. Rhythm gives direction to the Sacral and to work force energy.
Figure 148: Channel 15/5—Rhythm

The Channel of Rhythm is a very important energy in the chart. This is a tantric channel, a channel that gives direction (Identity) to the life force (Sacral).

Because we are unique among living things, we have more control over this energy. We can step away from natural rhythm. Electricity and other inventions of modern life have liberated us from natural rhythms, but, possibly, with consequences that will affect all of humanity.

This energy is about aligning humanity with nature. If we step away from the natural order, humanity stands a chance of suffering. The archetype of the chart begs of us to exert our free will but to remember that we are deeply tied to the natural world. We cannot override the forces of nature.

People with this energy usually have a deep connection to nature and animals, and they need this connection to find direction for their spirit. If you have this energy, going outside can often help you stay calm and clear. This is especially true for children.

The love of humanity is also located in this channel. What we see with this energy is that the fullest expression of our love for our fellow man is part of being human, and expressing that love is deeply tied to the natural world.

The Human Design chart shows us that for us to stay strong, connected, and aligned as people, we have to be fed and have adequate resources. It is natural for us to feed and shelter one another.

People with this energy also have an unusually large aura and stand out energetically. They get noticed. This is important because, ultimately, this energy is vital for the sustainability of mankind. Because this energy is so deeply tied with all mammals and nature, people with this energy can often communicate with animals, use plants and herbs, and can even have a deep tie with the elemental kingdom. This is a magical energy; the archetype of fairies, gnomes, and elves. People with this energy are often staunch environmental activists seeking to align the collective with natural order.

Gate 15: Extremes

Gate 5: Patterns

The Tribal Subcircuits - Understanding Human Design

Channel 44/26: Surrender

As we move up the Ego Circuit, we move toward more energy. Channel 44/26 is very complex. The 44/26 is the energy for sales and the presentation of ideas. So much energy in this channel is about selling good ideas.
Figure 138: Channel 44/26—Surrender

It is also the energy for truth and integrity, understanding the lessons from the past and transmitting these lessons. Many filmmakers, historians, and journalists carry this energy.

With the 44/26 we see intuitive awareness to move an idea into form. The energy here is to get the attention of the tribe and to convince the tribe that the ideas are indeed good ideas and worthy of dedication, resources, and work.

The 44/26 can convince, seduce, or even use tricks if necessary to get the attention of others. This is a very influential energy with a powerful capacity to sell good (or bad) ideas. The 44/26 can be a powerful agent of integrity or a trickster who seduces the tribe into a bad idea.

Gate 44: Energy

Gate 26: The Trickster

Channel 54/32: Transformation

The channel of transformation is a projected channel that strives for recognition. Integrity can be a big theme in this channel as well. Often people with this channel can become workaholics who think that by working hard they can fulfill their business dreams. The challenge is finding the energy for the fulfillment, as the only energy in this channel is the Root, and the Throat is very far away.
Figure 137: Channel 54/32—Transformation

As part of the Ego Circuit, this channel is the initiating energy for productivity and business creation. We start with Gate 54, which is ambition, and move to Gate 32, the energy for big business ideas. Gate 32, when it intuitively perceives a dream of Gate 54 to be a great idea, has a sense of urgency to work and work until it gets the right recognition. But there is no energy here.

Gate 54: Drive

Gate 32: Continuity

However, there is the potential for magic here. The energy for big business dreams and ambitions is far away from the Throat Center, so this is an energy that has to wait for others to see and recognize it. If you have this energy in your chart, you have really big ideas, but you have to wait for those ideas to be seen and understood by others. The fulfillment of your dreams can and will happen if you let the Universe handle the details.

If you have this energy, it’s important to honor your energy enough to incubate your dreams. Share them only with those who value them, and you will experience the fulfillment of all your wildest dreams.

Of course, the temptation is to try to push your dreams out into the world and “manifest” them. Pushing never works. You have to have trust.

When the Channel of Transformation is recognized, it has the capacity to share big ideas and visions for creating new, big business. Dreams are transformed into products and productivity.

Channel 19/49: Love and Marriage

When the flirting of Gate 19 meets with Gate 49’s values and evaluation, over time a decision can be made to bond or not.

The right side of the Ego Circuit contains the Emotional Solar Plexus and the energy for creating social contracts and agreements. The 19/49 is the energy for establishing and maintaining intimate emotional contracts. Because it is rooted in the Emotional Solar Plexus, we see that entering into emotional contracts such as marriage is an emotional decision, and therefore one that should be entered into correctly over time.
Figure 139: Channel 19/49—Love and Marriage

In traditional cultures, the bonds of marriage were cemented with time-based rituals. Even until recently, dating and courtship had definite time-based rules and regulations. In the 19/49 we have the energy for making the rules for flirting, dating, bonding, and even divorce.

Marriage is a tribal agreement, one that creates the foundation for successfully unifying families and resources. These agreements also establish the support for bearing and rearing children.

The rule for success in relationships is to enter into them over time, and in the 19/49 we also see that intimacy is the foundation for long-term bonding. Relationships take work. The intimacy of the 19/49 creates the bond that makes the work of relating worth the effort.

Gate 19: Wanting

Gate 49: Principles

Couples with the 19/49 will often truly enjoy the company of their partner. Even a trip to the grocery store can be an intimate encounter for couples with this energy. This can often seem codependent to outside observers.

While the energy for divorce is also located in this channel (and can be activated if the relationship is entered into incorrectly), divorce for people with this channel can be a very difficult and painful end because of this deep, intimate bonding.

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