07 - Profiles

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    1. 1st line – Investigator – person who studies and looks at things deeply, a strong foundation is needed to feel secure.
    2. 2nd line – Hermit – a natural talent, will need a lot of alone time, waits for the calling.
    3. 3rd line – Martyr – trial and error, finds out how things work by going through what doesn’t first, may have many relationships, jobs, etc. to find what works.
    4. 4th line – Opportunist – influential, very communicative, network of friends, acquaintances and associates.
    5. 5th line- Heretic – seductive and attractive energy that attract projections and expectations from others.
    6. 6th line – Role Model – acts as 3rd line in the first 30 years, then authority for others, detached from life (between 30th and 50th year) to finally become a role model (after 50th year).


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